Sharps Safety Station

Sharps Injury Prevention products with a comprehensive range of needle stick injury prevention devices in surgery and other hospital departments, surgery centers and doctor’s offices.  In addition to neutral zone and safe/safety zone, the products include needle counters replacement, hypodermic syringe holders and needle exchangers, hypodermic needle resheathing/recapping device, scalpel blade holders, one handed sharps passing trays, retractable and reusable safety scalpels, reusable autoclavable magnetic mats, disposable magnetic drapes, magnetic retrievers.  All products are OHSA, CDC, CAL-OSHA, AORN, FDA, The Joint Commission and World Health Organization (WHO) compliant.


Sharps Safety Station Needle Counter, Magnet & Foam Block with Needle Recapper/Exchanger, Large, Sterile
Part Number: AM1940-AUS


Sharps Safety Station.


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